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I'm going to put this behind a cut because I don't want some people to get grossed out... but I have a question that I have no where else to turn to... so

Okay, I should be ovulating right about now. When I was getting ultra sounds down to see when I ovulated... my doc said I was ovulating right around 13-16 days after I start me period... Okay, I started on the 3rd of this month. So that would mean that Between now and the 19th I should be ovulating.

Here's my question now... my husband and I had sex this morning and when we were finished, he went to clean himself off and noticed some white muccusy substance on his penis. It almost looked like cum except that it wasn't. (I know this because his cum isn't colored.) He asked me what it was, and I had no fucking clue. I have heard though that around ovulation you produce a thick muccus.... is this true? If so.. is it supposed to be colored white? I'm kind of worried about this right now.... Should I call the doctor... or assume it is ovulation causing it?

I hope someone has answers for me....

And sorry if it grossed anyone out... that is why I put it behind a cut.
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